Our Partners

SG 50
Sponsor since August 2014

Logo_SG50SG50 represents Singapore’s 50th birthday, celebrating what we have achieved so far and signifying our dreams for this little red dot that we have come to know as home.

SG50 supports Passion Unleashed because the talk series congregates all the inspiring Singaporean stories on one stage and creates a powerful showcase to Singaporeans and to the world that Singapore is a vibrant city made up of passionate people. This is aligned to SG50’s vision to build on our national identity and love for Singapore.

Find out more about SG50 at: www.singapore50.sg.

SMU Wee Kim Wee Centre
Partner since April 2013

Logo_SMUThe Wee Kim Wee Centre is tasked to promote deeper understanding on the impact of cultural diversity on the business environment.

The late Dr Wee Kim Wee, after whom the Wee Kim Wee Centre in Singapore Management University is named, had a heart for people and for lifelong learning. It is in the spirit of his personality and character that the Centre hosts and supports lectures, conferences and publications. It aims to advance learning and thinking about cross cultural issues to promote appreciation of the similarities and differences inherent in humanity.

It is a privilege and honour for this Centre in Singapore Management University to be associated with such a man who believed passionately in practising and fostering goodwill in a pragmatic world.

Find out more about Wee Kim Wee Centre at http://smu.edu.sg.

Yamaha Music (Asia) Private Limited
Sponsor from March 2013 – November 2014

Logo_YamahaYamaha Music sells quality musical instruments and runs music schools with well-researched education programs for music lovers.  We thank Yamaha Music for sponsoring Iris Koh and the Butterfly Dream with the digital piano for the Passion Unleashed events.

Find out more about Yamaha Music at http://sg.yamaha.com.

Executive Coach International
Partner from August 2012 – December 2013

PrintExecutive Coach International is a coaching organization with coaches who have worked with clients from all over the world, including professionals from China, India, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Germany, France, Slovakia and US.

In was recognized in 2011 with the “ACTP” qualification as a coaching organization with professional training standards.

Find out more about Executive Coach International at www.liveyourmark.com.

Get Funding
Sponsor from March 2013 – November 2014

Logo_GetFundingGet Funding supports Passion Unleashed because it believes that productivity and innovation happens when people are passionate about what they do. They may then go on to create extraordinary businesses or projects which make a difference to the world.  This is aligned to Passion Unleashed’s mission to create a platform for individuals to ignite their passion and make a positive change to themselves and impact their communities.

Find out more about Get Funding at http://facebook.com/getfunding.