About Passion Unleashed

Passion Unleashed is a homegrown talk series that is targeted to become the Asian equivalent of the widely popular “Ted.com” talk series

MiniPhoto010The vision of Passion Unleashed is “To empower individuals to reignite their passion and make a positive change in themselves and society.”

Passion Unleashed is an inspirational talk series that features distinguished speakers including world-class business leaders, politicians, pioneers, social activists and more.

Launched in August 2012, this non-profit series is a unique platform with guest speakers sharing how they pursued their dreams and achieved success and happiness in their lives as well as made positive impact to the society. Held monthly in collaboration with Singapore Management University, the objective is to create a positive culture among working professionals and aspiring youths about finding their passion in life and pursuing a holistic and fulfilling work/life approach, thus making positive changes in themselves and the broader community.

MiniPhoto005Passion Unleashed is a platform for genuine stories. Speakers share key pages of their lives which are significant to them. They touch the audience because they share from their hearts. Audience learn about what it takes to overcome challenges and get inspired to start thinking and crafting steps towards making a positive change in their lives and/or to those around them.

Passion Unleashed is held every third Tuesday of the month.